Downlaod Arcai’s NetCut and NetCut Defender Free

NetCut Defender can do:

1. Easy to use, automatically protect all network of your PC away from Netcut cut off. or any other ARP spoofing.
2. Fast, Ensure Internet Gateway address spoof proof.
3. Safe, worry free. 24×7 running automatically.
4. No need configuration. no network knowledge required. no need to know any thing about your network. just run and enjoy the safe network.

NetCut can do:

1. In less than 1 second, Find any IP/Computer/network devices/Phone/Xbox/PSP/PS3/Wii/Ipad anything that use your network.
2. Protect your PC away from ARP SPOOF attack
3. Change MAC address on any adapter on your PC.
4. Clone MAC address from any device of your network to your own PC’s adapter.
5. Turn any of network device on/off line.

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