Download Net Ghost v1.0 proxy tool

Net ghost proxy tool will scrape proxies and if you are looking for elite google proxies, it can help with that as well.

To get good Google Elite proxies, here’s how

1. Go to

2. Set the filter settings as shown below:


3. after you have the webpage settings set, (you can also set the page to display 100 results at a time.

4. Open up Netghost. Click on the scraper tab. Then select the option under “Services” and select HMA.

5. Go back to your hma proxy list . Hit ctrl + A and then hit ctrl +C

paste all the text into the netghost. You can go to page 2, 3, 4, 5 and repeat the steps pasting the text into the box. Then hit “Parse Proxies” and netghost will parse just the proxies, (which you’ve already filtered to be highly annon.) and give you a nice neat proxy list.

6. You can also allow netghost to scrape proxies and check them with the checker tab.

This program works very well and is really fast. No install required just download and open netghost.exe.. plus it’s under a 100kb so if you’re not happy with your proxy program you’ve been using, give this one a shot.