Download Powerpoint King Tuts v2


The “secret” is being able to make quality videos quickly as possible, as easily as possible and as inexpensively as possible.

Introducing PowerPoint King Tuts V2, the ultimate resource for turning PointPoint into your own video making machine!

To make videos with PowerPoint you don’t need to:

Spend money on expensive video cameras
Worry about fancy lighting and studio equipment
Learn complicated video editing software
Ever be onscreen

Created by a video marketer for video marketers like you!

Other PowerPoint tutorials are created by graphic designers, with the goal of making fancy PowerPoint presentations.

However, the sole purpose of King Tuts V2 is to help you create great-looking videos using PowerPoint that will make you more money and save you more money.

I promise with King Tuts you’ll discover all you need to make profitable videos using PowerPoint as quickly as possible.

Check Out All the Info-Packed Modules in Your PowerPoint King Tuts Version 2:

01 Basic Skills – Into to PowerPoint for Video Making and Marketing.
02 Audio – Learn How to Record and Insert Audio Files.
03 Video Skills – Working With Video in Powerpoint – Simple But Cool Effects.
04 Animation Foundation – The Basics of Powerpoint Animations.
05 Design Tips – Simple But Effective Design Tips for the Artistically Challenged.
06 Fastest Way to Pro Videos – Using Stock Media is The Pro’s Secret Weapon to the Fastest and Easiest Ways To Make Great Videos.
07 Characters and Mascots – Tips for Utilizing Characters and Mascots in PowerPoint.
08 Marketing by Repurposing – One of the most powerful benefits of using Powerpoint is its ability to export presentations in a variety of file types. This opens a number of marketing resources.

09 Story Boards And Scripts – Tips for writing scripts and creating storyboards.
10 (NEW in 2) YouTube Thumbnails – PowerPoint YouTube Thumbnail Maker with over 170 colorful backgrounds. Plus tips and suggestions.
11 (NEW in 2) Converting Text to Video – Great for creating Video Sales Letters as well as converting Private Label Rights content into informative videos.
12 (NEW in 2) Images to Videos – How to quickly take a folder of images and an audio file to make videos.
13 (NEW in 2) Making Memes with PowerPoint – Various fast and easy methods for making image and video memes.
14 Ideas – Tons and Tons of Ideas and Suggestions for Making Videos
15 Bonus Skills – Add glow and drop shadow, more motion effects, swapping images and characters.


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