Download SEO Log File Analyser v1.8

The Log File Analyser Tool Reports On…
The Screaming Frog Log File Analyser is an SEO auditing tool, built by real SEOs with thousands of users worldwide. A quick summary of some of the data collected and analysed includes –

Crawled URLs – View and analyse exactly which URLs have been crawled by search bots, such as Googlebot and Bingbot.
Crawl Frequency – Analyse the most and least frequently crawled URLs by search bot user-agents.
Full Event Data – Access full log file event data for every URL discovered in the logs by timestamp.
Errors – Identify client side errors, such as broken links and server errors (4XX, 5XX response codes).
Redirects – View permanent and temporary redirects (302, or 301 responses).
Inconsistent Response Codes – Quickly view URLs with inconsistent response codes over a period of time.
Time Of Last Response – View exactly when a search bot last crawled a URL (and the first, as well as every other event!).
Average Bytes – Analyse the average bytes of every crawled URL direct from log file event data.
Average Response Time (ms) – Discover the average response time of every URL.
Referers – View the number of referer events for every URL discovered.
Uncrawled URLs – Import a list of URLs and discover URLs which have not been crawled.
Orphan URLs – Import a list of URLs and discover which are in log data, but not known by you.
Analyse Bots Over Time – Upload multiple log files over at once or over time, to analyse and measure bot activity.
Compare Any Data – Upload any data with a ‘URLs’ header to automatically match against log file data and analyse.

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