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Download ForexTradingMajic – Course Lessons by Jerry J. Stew Free

“After implementing the strategies contained in this e-book people may think you have insider trading!!!”

A trading reality so revolutionary that you are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement before you can get your hands on this information.

Dear friend. Every single Master Trader, past and present has somehow found the secret I am about to share with you either consciously or unconsciously. Listen very carefully. As astounding as it may seem there is the figure of a man on every financial chart, and all markets move according to the biomechanics of a walking human.

NOTE: There is no difference between stocks and forex. All markets are subject to the same laws and react exactly the same. Futures, commodities and anything else who’s motion can be plotted on a chart/graph

Think about this – if you are using the same tired techniques everyone else is using then you can naturally expect the same results – wouldn’t you agree?



This is not a Gann system. It is not a Stock system, a Forex system or Futures system etc… It is the system of the universe which can be applied to trading any market. You will know without doubt…

· When to enter a trade

· When to sit on the sidelines ( most important )

· Where to place your stop so it doesn’t get hit

· When to take profits

· When to exit the trade

· When to add to your position

· How to compound your winning trades to financial independence

The system works for all markets and if you had a chart of the weather you would even see the man on that chart too!

This fully illustrated, 150 page trading manual is easy to understand. Illustrations are important. If you can see it you can conceive it.

· 80% profitable trades

· Easy to learn

· Profitable in all markets and for day, swing, and end of day trading

· No expensive charting software to buy

“THE LAWS OF CHARTS AND MEN,” is a proprietary trend reversal system to detect turning points in the market. When trends are exhausted they then to correct in 3 -7 days to the opposite direction. We take advantage of those turning points by entering the market and taking profits.

The signal generation is 100% objective and mechanical. You won’t depend on analyst opinions, beliefs, tips, or visions.

This is not some book that explains the history of the markets and my life story. This is a trading manual. This book is not for the common man. Only if you have the vision to see through the matrix will you have need of the mind blowing information. So, human drones will have no need for this information.

So take the red pill and wake up to the trading matrix or take the blue pill and go back to Kansas.

You have never seen anything like this anywhere!




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