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Giveaway: Create Your own Lynda Account Free 2017

I want to share with you guys a cool trick to get a premium Lynda account; It will take you 2 minutes to complete the process. My first post here didn’t go well… so am putting this here.

1: Open http://www.fakenamegenerator.com/



2: Now open https://www.spl.org/using-the-library/get-started/library-card-application

3. Fill the form in the first URL with details from fakenamegenerator, make sure you use a valid email address.

4. Make sure you enter a valid 4-digits PIN as it will be used on Lynda when logging in.

5. After the successful registration, it will take you to a page where a confirmation number will be shown to you.

6. The confirmation number is in this format: 1000xxxxxxx-x, that is your login username. Copy the number and keep in a safe place.

7. Now go to https://www.lynda.com/portal/sip?org=spl.org&triedlogout=true



8. Input the confirmation number you copied from the previous page into the library card number section and input the PIN you used earlier in the library card PIN section.

Boom! you are in and now have access to unlimited video tutorials of any type for free!.


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